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Spread the Word: We made it!

Do you remember that shampoo commercial about the girl who used the shampoo and told two friends who told two friends, and so-on, and so-on?  Let’s see if we can get our email subscribers up over 100 members.  The tally meter is at the top right corner of the blog.  We are currently at 75 77 79 82 91 95 97 104 members subscribed to receive an email of new content on the GLMA blog.  This feature enables those media specialists who cannot access the blog at school to receive posts in a timely fashion.  When there is new content, the subscriber will receive an email with the new GLMA blog content embedded in the email.  Friends could also add the RSS feed to their feed aggregator.

Click here for the link to subscribe or click the link in the right corner above.  Spread the word to engage all Georgia media specialists in their professional learning network.  Thanks for spreading the word to two friends who spread it to two friends and so-on, and so-on, and…

Follow GLMA on Twitter

GLMA (glma) on Twitter via kwout

You can now keep up with the latest news from the Georgia Library Media Association on Twitter! If you haven’t added Twitter to your personal learning network, consider tapping into this social network to connect with other school librarians, teachers, and technology specialists!  You may follow GLMA at

Buffy Hamilton

Another Tool in Your Personal Learning Network: Shared Items via Google Reader


We all know that we can use Google Reader to keep up with our favorite blogs and RSS feeds from various sources, but did you know that you can share items with others via Google Reader?  Not only can you create a public page for sharing your favorite items that come your way in your Google Reader account, but friends and followers can also subscribe to the  RSS feed for your “Shared Items” page to keep up with articles or items you mark as shared in Google Reader!  As you browse and read items in Google Reader, you will discover a “share” icon at the end of each post/item–simply click on “share” to add those items to your “shared” public page for others to enjoy.  I discovered this wonderful personal learning network tool via Kim Cofino, a 21st century learning specialist who is an invaluable part of my PLN.  For more details on how to create your public page and on how to share items, check out this help page from Google Reader Labs.

Feel free to follow and grab the RSS feed for my shared items page!

Start Social Networking with Libraries and Librarians @ Facebook!


My latest foray into the Web 2.0 world is that of Facebook!   Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to connect with friends and like-minded colleagues.  While it is fun to connect with old friends, Facebook is also a wonderful medium for networking with other library professionals, authors, and library organizations.   You can use Facebook as part of your personal learning network as well as a tool to reach out to your patrons.

Facebook provides you a “wall” in which you can post a wide range of content from a text post to a favorite YouTube video.  You can also program your account to import from your favorite RSS feeds, including blogs and, as well as your Flickr photo updates.  You can integrate your other Web 2.0 tools into Facebook, such as programming your Twitter account to update your “status” by importing your Tweets; you can also add your favorite Slide and Picture Trail slideshows to your profile in Facebook!  The wall also reflects updates and activity, such as when you join a group, make a new friend, or upload content. 


What kinds of library things have I done in this area of my personal learning network?  In addition to befriending several other librarians and YA authors, I have done the following in two weeks:


I have become a fan of over 60 individuals / groups/organizations; I can follow updates to these entities through my Facebook account!   I am a fan of many groups, including:


I have joined over 30 groups, including: 

I also have created a page for my media center, The Unquiet Library!  Patrons can become fans and follow the latest updates!

The Unquiet Library: Creekview High School Media Center | Facebook via kwout

Facebook provides me the perfect space in my Web 2.0 world to integrate my favorite Web 2.0 tools while networking and connecting with other professionals.  I can seamlessly keep up with my colleagues and my favorite libraries and library organizations!  Rather than being “another thing to keep up with”, Facebook provide me a fun, free, and fast means for integrating many of my social networks into one platform.

If you would like to know more about ways that librarians and libraries can use Facebook, check out some of my favorite resources via  I would like to encourage you to give Facebook a try and see how this social network can enhance your personal learning network!

Buffy Hamilton, Media Specialist
Creekview High School

Come Join the Georgia COMO 2008 Ning!

Georgia COMO 2008

Come join the Georgia COMO 2008 Ning!  What is the Georgia COMO 2008 Ning?  It is a social networking space where COMO attendees (as well as those who may not be able to attend in person but who want to get a taste of the conference happenings from afar!) can share ideas and network with other professionals and peers! 

In addition, we are inviting everyone who is presenting to jump into our “Session Discussions” forum!  This is a space where speakers and presenters can tell others about their presentations and embed content for their presentations.  As a member of our Georgia COMO 2008 Ning, you can embed content on “My Page” and share ideas with others.  Ning allows members to upload videos, photos, and other multimedia content—what a great Web 2.0 way to share the knowledge from our upcoming COMO 2008 conference!  In addition, members may create or join special interest groups where you can network with colleagues on a smaller scale.  You may also add a Georgia COMO 2008 Ning badge to your blog, wiki, or website!

To join our Ning, you must first register a free Ning account.  Click on this link to register for free! Once you have registered, you can then join our Ning going to and click on the text link, “Sign Up”, on the left side of the page.

You can keep up with the latest news from the Georgia COMO 2008 page via your favorite RSS aggregator.  Our RSS feed is: .

The Georgia COMO 2008 Ning is a terrific way for speakers and presenters to share information from their sessions.   Our network will allow attendees to get a taste of the sessions that they may not be able to get to; the Ning provides a means for those who cannot attend in person to experience the essence of the conference vicariously.  We have created in our Ning in the spirit of the NECC 2008 network, and we hope that our network will prove beneficial to you as a learning space. 

If you have any difficulties registering or navigating our Ning, please feel free to contact me at .  The network is open for discussion and registration (free for everyone!), so surf on over to and join today!

Buffy Hamilton, Media Specialist
Creekview High School