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Sign the White House petition!

School libraries need YOUR support…now. The new White House petition described in Carl’s post needs 25,000 signatures and I hope that yours is one of them and that you spread this request far and wide to librarians and library advocates.

Job Opportunity

Jefferson County Middle School is in search of an Instructional Technology Teacher for its Middle School Connections class. Contact Mr. Jason Wester at 706-367-2882 or

by way of Judi Repman

LMC One Question Survey

Happy May Everybody!

We always have great participation from Georgia media specialists so thanks in advance for responding to the May/June survey.

The question for the current survey is:

How do you use volunteers in your library?

Judi Repman

Georgia Southern University and Associate Editor, LMC

Another Way to Get to Yes!

Sunday’s post on ReadWriteWeb asks,  “What do kids say is the biggest obstacle to technology at school?”  The answer, based on the results of Speak Up 2010, is two-fold:

  • school filters that block access to content needed for homework, and
  • bans on using their own devices at school.

So much of the answer to both of these issues relates to policies that are either outdated, misguided or both. Which brings me to “The World’s Simplest Online Safety Policy.” Tom Whitby and Lisa Nielsen have put their heads together and come up with a wonderful resource that explains many of the things we need to think about (FERPA, CIPA, and COPPA) in clear and rational terms.  These explanations are used to support a tw0-sentence online safety policy that would clear the way for innovation and engaged 21st century learners.

Judi Repman

Georgia Southern University

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Thinking about an Ed.S.?

I am very happy to report that we are now offering a fully online Ed.S. at Georgia Southern with concentrations in school library/media or instructional technology.

If you’d like more details please contact Dr. Ken Clark (

If you  want to jump right in and apply just ignore anything you see about missing the date for summer admission. We got approval a little late so we’re still admitting students for summer or fall.

Judi Repman

Georgia Southern