GALILEO Resources for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, here are a few resources in GALILEO to help you find the stories of women throughout history.

Middle and high school students can start by looking for a woman in the Discover GALILEO search box. Try finding Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Sally Ride, Coretta Scott King, Sonia Sotomayor, Jane Goodall, and others. For some major events in women’s history, look for women’s rights, women suffrage, women work*, feminism, or other topics of interest. For literary criticism, type in the title of a book or author names with the term literary criticism; for example, emily dickinson literary criticism or to kill a mockingbird literary criticism.
Tip: If you are getting a lot of book reviews in the results, use Limit by Type to remove reviews (click Show More to see all types, click Check all, then uncheck Reviews). You can also use Limit by Type to only see magazine and news articles (they have an easier reading level), primary source documents, or multimedia (choose Videos, Audio, or Non-Print Resources).

Next, explore Encyclopædia Britannica‘s spotlight on women, the Encyclopædia Britannica Profiles 300 Women Who Changed the World. There, students will find an illustrated timeline of women throughout history along with articles, essays, speeches, video clips, and learning activities.

For speeches, letters, and other primary source documents, search for women in Annals of American History to see a letter from Horace Greeley on women’s rights or a declaration of rights for women from Susan B. Anthony.

A quick search of SIRS Discoverer (elementary and middle school) will bring back news and magazine articles, images, and more. SIRS Discoverer also includes a spotlight for Women’s History Month, so click the Spotlight of the Month feature at the bottom of the SIRS Discover home page to investigate this (scroll to the bottom of the Spotlight page to see archives).

NoveList and NoveList K-8 offer book recommendations for all ages. Here is a tip to find fiction books by women. Go the Advanced Search, leave the search box blank (or type in a topic of your choice), and choose Female in the Author’s Gender field to see a list of books.

Want to meet important women in Georgia? Take a look at the Women of Distinction in Georgia feature in the New Georgia Encyclopedia. Your students can read about interesting women like Mary Musgrove, Hazel Raines, Rosalyn Carter, Alice Walker, and many more fascinating women. Students can also see Famous Georgia Women in GeorgiaInfo.

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