A Renaissance of Reading Just for You

Here are some of my favorite links since last I dropped in on you.

I see that Google has opened up registration again for their Power Searching with Google class.  Totally worth it.

Here’s three searching tips from the teacher, Google’s own Dan Russell.

Did you see that the new Kindles are out?  And that the basic Kindle is now only $69?!  More of our students and teachers will be getting them soon.  This article discusses the changes Amazon is bringing to reading, calling it Amazon’s Renaissance of Reading.

Although, points out YA author John Green, Amazon seems to be perpetuating the myth that the only person involved in the creation of books is the author in this post, On Self-Publishing and Amazon.

Oh, and be skeptical of those Amazon reviewers.

Which makes some people come up with new ways to “read” the Amazon reviews.

And finally, you probably heard about Judy Blume’s cancer, but have you read this great article from the Atlantic, Judy Blume Still Has Lots to Teach Us?  Well you should.  It’s great.

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Partee Elementary
Snellville, GA

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