GALILEO Search Boxes and Buttons for Your Media Center Site

Last week, we talked about linking to GALILEO databases, magazines, and articles, but did you know that several vendors allow you to create search boxes for GALILEO databases?

*Britannica Search Boxes*
Encyclopædia Britannica allows you to create search boxes for your library or media center site. To find the code you will need to add the search box to your media center site:

1) Go to Encyclopædia Britannica
2) Find Teachers’ Resources at the top of the page
3) Choose Search Boxes on the left of the Teachers’ Resources screen
4) Choose which search box you want (e.g., if you’re in a middle school, you may want to use the search box for School Edition – Middle School)
5) Add your school system’s GALILEO proxy prefix in the “Apply proxy prefix” box so that this will work off site (instructions for getting this are below)
6) Click the Update button to add the proxy prefix into the Britannica code
7) Copy and paste the code provided by Britannica into your media center page

Here’s how to get your GALILEO proxy prefix. (This is required for the search box to work off site.)
1) Find your 4-character GALILEO institution code on the bottom of the “Contact Us” form where it says: Institution: #### (name)
2) Plug the 4-character code into the bracketed section of this link: http://proxygsu-%5Byour GALILEO site code]
3) Paste the URL you just created into the proxy prefix box in the search box builder

If you have any questions or problems, please contact GALILEO staff for assistance.

*EBSCO Search Boxes*
EBSCO also allows you to create search boxes with EBSCO resources. In most cases, you can include more than one database if you like. Go to the EBSCO search box builder to step through the process. Note that you will need your GALILEO proxy prefix in EBSCO’s Step 2: Select Authentication Parameters; instructions for getting your institution’s GALILEO proxy prefix are provided above.

Two tips on using the EBSCO search box builder:
1) The search box defaults to creating a search box for EBSCOhost databases, which are the databases on the main EBSCO interface such as MAS Ultra, Middle Search Plus, and Professional Development Collection. However, you can create search boxes for History Reference Center, Literary Reference Center, Kids Search, Searchasaurus, Student Research Center, NoveList, Consumer Health Complete, and other databases with a different interface.

2) When deciding what databases to add to your search box, make sure you select only databases to which you have access. If you aren’t sure, you can see all of the EBSCO databases you have through GALILEO by searching your GALILEO Databases A-Z list for EBSCO.

If you have any problems or questions in creating an EBSCO search box, please contact us.

*Create a Button for a Database*
If you aren’t able to create a search box for a resource and want to add something more graphical than a text link to your media center site or a classroom page, many vendors provide graphics that you can use to create buttons.

See our FAQ with links to the GALILEO logo as well as links to vendor logos and buttons.

Please Contact Us if you have questions or comments or if you need to report problems.

Courtney McGough
GALILEO Support Services
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia


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