Georgia Library Day at the Capitol

Georgia Library Day at the Capitol will be held on Wednesday, February 15th. We need your input! Several GLMA representatives will meet on Library day with budget analysts from the House and Senate, as well as (hopefully) a couple of legislators. We would very much like to have stories from around the state to share about the current state of our library media programs – as well as how your school or system plans to approach the implementation of new Common Core Standards in the fall.

Several of you last year shared how the waiver of expenditure controls has impacted your library media programs over the past few years. If you didn’t share your experiences, please do so now! If you could also share how you feel your current collection will – or won’t – meet the requirements of GCCPS, that information will also be very welcomed.

As before, I will not share the names of schools or systems, but will identify only be level (elementary, middle, or high) and region (metro Atlanta, west Georgia, etc.). Please take a moment and email us information on YOUR situation to

Nan Brown
GLMA Advocacy Chair


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  1. Millicent Flake

    We are concerned at my school with being able to meet the stringent reading requirements of the new standards with the books we currently have in the media center. We will need to be purchasing new books that are on a higher reading level for classroom sets and for reading books in the media center and will need every cent we can get for that!

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