Flexibility In Action!

It’s been a busy week and I despaired last night of having anything for my monthly GLMA post.  But then this morning happened and I have plenty to say about being flexible!

We had an extra leadership team meeting this morning which ran long, so I barely had time to switch from that to prepping for my morning broadcast.  Luckily I have a long term crew that know their jobs.  The this morning I was scheduled to be in four places at once.  No, really.

Like every morning, I was scheduled to be in a 3rd grade teacher’s classroom for a half hour of focused instruction.  This has to do with our Title I status and I spent 9:15-9:45 going over report drafts with students for final copies.  I also had a a 4th grade Specials class from 9:50-10:35.  But there was some special events going on as well.  At 9:00 some folks had scheduled the school Spelling Bee in the media center and a school Geography Bee in another part of the building at the same time.  I was scheduled to be in both videotaping the events.  All while teaching in two classes.

So I set up cameras with fresh tapes in both places and had them adjusted, focused and ready and told the organizers not to forget to hit the record buttons!  I’m also lucky enough to have a great clerk, so she ran the camera for the Spelling Bee, starting and stopping it in the interest of time.

Instead of having the Specials class in the media center (because of the Spelling Bee) I took my laptop and materials down to the classroom.  Luckily it was the one lesson I often do that doesn’t require us to actually be in the library. This group wasn’t able to check out at their normal time at the end of class, so I gave them passes to use in small groups throughout the day.

Whew!  The rest of the day was your normal everyday crazy.  Breaking down the Spelling Bee stuff, requesting custodians for a spill, gathering resources for tomorrow’s Guest Reader Day, emailing teacher movie times for the MLK video, finding a sub for an inservice, and then again rearranging everything in the library for tomorrow’s Guest Readers and the reading bowl contestant morning practice session.  Oh, and my walkie-talkie I use to communicate with those on bus duty so I can synch the dismissal slides stopped working, so I had to deal with that real quick.

But I did it all with a smile because I’m flexible!

(Just don’t look at my desk…)


Jim Randolph

Partee Elemetary,

Snellville, GA

About Library_Jim

School librarian, dad, hubby, geek.

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