Language Translation Features in GALILEO Resources

Many of the resources in GALILEO have recently added the ability to translate articles, which can be helpful for students who are learning English or other languages.

All grade levels of Encyclopædia Britannica allow you to turn on the Spanish translator in an article and then click a word in the article to see the translated word.

Articles in SIRS Issues Researcher have a Translate dropdown menu to allow users to translate the article into a variety of languages.

Many EBSCO resources, including Kids Search, Middle Search Plus, Student Research Center, MAS Ultra, Literary Reference Center, History Reference Center, and others, allow you to change the language of the database interface as well as the language of the article.

Students can also find a Spanish-language encyclopedia and article databases in the Spanish Resources section of GALILEO High School and GALILEO Teen. In addition, Global Reference Center provides encyclopedia and reference resources for several languages, including Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, and Japanese.

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Courtney McGough
GALILEO Support Services
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

Screenshot from Translate feature in MAS Ultra

Express Links for Databases Mentioned in this Post:
Encyclopædia Britannica School Edition:
Encyclopædia Britannica High School:
Compton’s by Britannica (for middle school):
Britannica Elementary:
SIRS Issues Researcher:
Kids Search:
Middle Search Plus:
Student Research Center:
MAS Ultra:
History Reference Center:
Literary Reference Center:
Global Reference Center:
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