The Kid Should See This

All the kids should, actually.  All the kids from 9 months to 99.  It’s just a blog collecting cool videos from around the interwebz, but it’s done better than most.  When I came across it a couple of months ago it was one of those head-smacking moments.  The blogger, Rion Nakaya, is doing what I should have done.  I’m forever coming across funny, interesting and mind-blowing little videos online and sharing them with my daughter.  Never thought to put them all into a blog to share with everyone.  We’d actually seen many of the ones on the blog at first, but now she keeps on digging up fantastic stuff and it’s just an amazing resource of wonder.

Jason Kottke wrote, ”With obvious exceptions, media ‘made for kids’ is mindnumbingly dumb. Youtube, Flickr, and Vimeo are amazing resources of not-made-for-kids but totally-appropriate-for-kids-stuff like what Rion is posting here.”

She answered, ”This is the exact reason that I started this blog. So far, my guidelines have been that my kid(s) watch stuff that should also educate/entertain me, and that what I post here must be approved by my kid(s). My 3 year old co-creator has been a big help.”

Using the aforementioned youtube, Vimeo and other sources like Science Friday and TED talks, she is continuing to ”curate” videos about music, art, science, human tricks, robots and all manner of delightful things.  Flying planets, exploding experiments, Jerry Lewis, Ella Fitzgerald, Legos, insects flying, robots flying, ”the greatest dance number ever filmed,” and more.

I have shared it with my art teacher, science lab teacher, music teacher and the other staff members and it’s becoming a favorite resource for us all.

As soon as you finish reading this post, do check it out.  But make sure you don’t mind leaving a little vacuuming and laundry undone, because a couple of hours will go by before you know it.  Amazing, wonderful, delightful hours.

The Kid Should SeeThis.


Jim Randolph

Partee Elementary

Snellville, GA

















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