GALILEO Resources for Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. If you would like to find resources to celebrate the history and traditions of Native Americans, take a look at these GALILEO resources.

SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Issues Researcher each include a wonderful spotlight on National American Indian Heritage Month that highlights articles, government documents, primary sources, images, and websites. To access this spotlight in SIRS Issues Researcher (for high school), click on the Database Features tab and then choose Spotlight on… On November 1, the spotlight will change to Native American history, but you can view the 2010 Archive (lower left corner) to get a head start. In SIRS Discoverer (for elementary and middle school), click the Spotlight of the Month at the bottom of the screen. As with SIRS Issues Researcher, the spotlight will change on November 1, but you can see the 2010 Spotlight Archives (lower right corner) to get an idea of what will be appearing. Students can also search SIRS resources for events (e.g., Trail of Tears, Battle of Little Bighorn), tribal names (e.g., Cherokee, Seminoles), or names (e.g., Sequoyah, Sitting Bull) to find a variety of resources for projects and papers.

Encyclopædia Britannica includes an article along with many great images, maps, and editorially-selected websites for all grade levels. Just search for Native Americans or Native American in your grade level of Britannica to see the main article, or search for an individual’s name, tribal name, or event to find more. In addition, Annals of American History offers many primary source documents. Just search for Native American to see documents.

History Reference Center offers articles, biographical information, primary source documents, and historical images. Search for Indians of North America or by event or name to find more. From the main search page, students can limit their search to a particular time period by choosing it in the Timeline section, and they can also limit to their reading level by choosing their grade range in the Lexile Reading Level section.

To find literary criticism, biographical information, reviews, and much more on Native American authors and their works, take a look at Literary Reference Center. Search for a name, book title, or theme, or you can search for Indians of North American for a broad search. Here’s a tip: if you go to Advanced Search, leave the search box blank, and limit to Native American in the Literary Author’s Cultural Identity, you’ll be able to see all results from Native American authors without having to choose an author name, title, or theme.

To find fiction book recommendations, search NoveList or NoveList K-8 for Indians of North America and then limit to an age range to find books for your students. See the Advanced Search to limit by grade level or Lexile reading level. To find Native American authors, use the Advanced Search, leave the search box blank, and choose Native American in the Author’s Cultural Identity field.

For information about Native Americans in Georgia, the New Georgia Encyclopedia offers quite a few articles about Native American history and culture. Read about the read about the Creek Indians and their leaders, including Tomochichi and Mary Musgrove, or read about about the Cherokee Indians and their removal. You can also browse to the History and Archaeology section and see articles under Archaeology and Early History to learn about the Native Americans in Georgia’s early history. The Digital Library of Georgia includes the Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842 collection, which contains approximately 2,000 documents and images relating to the Native American population of the Southeastern United States. Finally, GeorgiaInfo provides links to resources about Native Americans in Georgia.

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Image from Encyclopædia Britannica

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Express Links for Databases Mentioned in this Post:

SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Issues Researcher

Encyclopædia Britannica School Edition

Encyclopædia Britannica High School

Compton’s by Britannica (for middle school)

Britannica Elementary

History Reference Center

Annals of American History

Literary Reference Center


NoveList K-8

New Georgia Encyclopedia

Digital Library of Georgia


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