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Disclaimer:  If you read this post earlier and couldn’t find the sock puppet app in the iTunes store, it is now back, so go to the iTunes store and get it while you can 🙂

Today as part of our storybook celebration, students who came to the media center had a chance to try out an app on our 10 iPads called Sock Puppets.  The sock puppet app allows students to choose up to 4 sock puppet characters, multiple props (some moveable, some not), and multiple interchangeable backgrounds.  Students use the selections to create a 30-second puppet show.  They simply press record and then begin moving the various objects and puppets around on the screen.  Each time a puppet is touched, the iPad places an arrow above that puppet’s head so that the students know which voice to record.  After 30 seconds or when the students press stop, the app scrubs up students’ voices to make them more sock puppet-like.

Today, students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades tried out this app.  Instead of taking them step by step through the process of making a puppet show, I simply said: “Go to the sock puppet app and use it to create a 30 second story.”  In a matter of minutes, students were figuring out how the app worked.  Of course there was lots of silliness, but in this time of exploration, students had permission to play and have fun without worries of being right or wrong.  Even though students were doing impromptu puppet shows, they created some very creative and humorous pieces.  I only wish that I had student access to Youtube so I could share some of them with you.  At the close of each session, we talked about how we might use this app in the future, and students were excited about the possibility of writing 30-second scripts that would make their puppet shows more cohesive.  I wonder if that same excitement would have existed if I had made the students start with writing scripts or watching me make a complete sock puppet show on the smart board before they had time to explore?

I think this free app has a lot of creative potential, and I’m glad that I was able to offer a space for students have time to play.

There are many examples of sock puppet videos on Youtube.  Here’s an example.

Andy Plemmons

School Librarian

David C. Barrow Elementary

Athens, GA


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  1. This is a great idea but the Sock Puppet app is no longer available in the iTunes store and the company’s website has no information on it. I wish I had it!

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