The simple joy of Twitter

At our last county gathering of media specialists I was asked by a number of colleagues if I was on Twitter.  It was the first time in a long time that I’d wish I was.  I don’t feel the same way about Facebook.  I tried it, didn’t like it, don’t miss it.  Same with Google+, though it seems better than FB.  But Twitter, while I’d tried it some time ago and closed the account, now sounded better.  I think I was persuaded by Alan Jacobs when he said that he prefers the simplicity of Twitter over all the decisions he’s forced to make on other social networking sites (link).So I set up a new Twitter account.  Since last I tried it, they have a new ‘’list’’ feature which I’m enjoying very much.  I hope I haven’t broken any unspoken Twitter etiquette rules, but some folks I at first started ‘’following’’ I have now ‘’unfollowed’’ but added to a list.  That way I can look at only the group of feeds I want to at that moment without having a million posts to scroll through on my main page.

Up until this new Twitter account, I’ve been more than happy with my blog and feed reader.  Well, that and reddit.  Reddit is all kinds of awesome but not so much a professional tool.  I think the first time I tried it, Twitter seemed more like a solution in search of a problem for me.  This time, it fits more of what I’m interested in.  It lets me keep up with some bloggers I’ve had to trim from my feed reader and gives me the ability to check up on their stuff without having to have it all come in at me.

The people that have been swearing by it as part of their ‘’PLN’’ (‘’personal learning network,’’ or what I like to call ‘’other people’’) have touted all the great articles and links they’ve come across through twitter.  Well, I’ve come across most of what I can handle happily enough with my feed reader and general surfing.  In fact, lately I’ve found myself wanting to read more actual books and have cut my feed reader down to the bone.

Bur sure enough, this week of glancing at Twitter has led to a few happy discoveries I’m not sure I would have come across otherwise–at least not as soon as I did.  As I’ve been writing this I’ve been reminded that Thursday is Dot Day (and man oh man do I love those Peter Reynolds books).  I’ve discovered the joy that is The Kid Should See This, which I can’t wait to share with my teachers now that China my district has lifted its online video blocking (for teachers, anyway).  Check it out.  It’s given me a bad case of blog envy since I find and show my daughter cool videos like that all the time.  But I never thought to make a whole blog just devoted to that.  Awesome!

That was another drawback to Twitter I no longer face.  Now that it’s open to me at school, I’m more likely to check it at lunch or whenever I check email.  I’m less likely to check it at home when I’m interacting with my family and don’t want to get too involved with a phone.  So now that it’s unblocked at school, I can open it up to my ‘’library’’ list and learn all kinds of good stuff.

Catch you later, I need to check my Twitter feed or stream or whatever it is you crazy kids call it these days.

Jim Randolph
Partee Elementary
Snellville, GA


About Library_Jim

School librarian, dad, hubby, geek.

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