Finding Images for Student Projects

Do your students need images to include in their presentations and other media projects? GALILEO has several resources that include great images for educational use.

Encyclopædia Britannica isn’t just a collection of encyclopedia articles. It also includes many wonderful images and videos for multimedia projects. Just search for a topic and look in the Multimedia section on the right to find the images. Tip: Note the “More Multimedia” link at the bottom of this section to see more images. Check the bottom of each image for a pre-formatted citation of the image.

There are also a variety of images in SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Issues Researcher. In SIRS Discoverer, look for the Pictures section on the right of the screen under Database Features, or search for a topic and click the Pictures tab in the search results. In SIRS Issues Researcher, click on the red SIRS Issues Researcher link and then choose the Images link right above the search box to limit the search to images.

Images at EBSCOhost offers many images from the Getty Images collection and includes pictures from around the globe and from many world events making it a good source of pictures for history and current events projects.

For historical images, particularly historical  Georgia images, the Digital Library of Georgia is a treasure trove. You can search for a topic and limit the Media Type on the left of the screen, or you can choose to Browse by Media type to see collections with photos, maps, or some other visual work. To cite items from the Digital Library of Georgia, look for the Rights and Usage section in the item information.

Find all of these resources and more in the Images, Maps, and Flags section in High School or the Pictures, Maps, and Flags section in Teen.

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Courtney McGough
GALILEO Support Services
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

Image from “I Use Science Tools” article in SIRS Discoverer

Express Links for Databases Mentioned in this Post:

Encyclopædia Britannica School Edition

Encyclopædia Britannica High School

Compton’s by Britannica (for middle school)

Britannica Elementary

SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Issues Researcher

Images (EBSCOhost)

Digital Library of Georgia

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