Not your average ebook…

Imagine reading a textbook with graphs;  not the basic two-dimensional graphs, but multi-touch interactive “info graphs”.   While reading, you can expand the graph, touch a legend on the graph and a visual representation of the legend is shown. As you touch each legend, the graph changes to visually show the data represented.  Some of these “info graphics” are interactive maps where, with touch of a finger, the reader can see on a map where a picture was taken.  On other pages there may be videos visually showing examples about the text or explaining in detail additional information.

These are all examples from a new interactive book publisher called “Push Pop Press”.  Push Pop Press is a start up company that has several prior Apple employees as their key team members.  The book is called “Our Choice” by Al Gore and it is the first book that they’ve published.  The book can be downloaded for $4.99 onto an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.  It is worth purchasing the book (even if you aren’t an Al Gore fan!) to see where future ebook technology may be heading.

I see many great possibilities for this type of book.  The digital photos were beautiful, the videos helped explain the text, and the info graphics are amazing (there is even a windmill video that the reader can start by blowing in the microphone) !  I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback – do you see this as a future possibility for a “new” ebook?

An example of the book can be seen by viewing a TED video ( ) or you can see the video and purchase the book on the Push Pop Press website (

Beth  Miller

Library Media Specialist

Crabapple  Middle School

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