Go West…New Program at UWG

This awesome GLMA blog provides an excellent forum for announcing that the University of West Georgia is now offering an Ed.S. in Instructional Technology WITH School Library Media Certification. This means if you hold a Master’s degree and do not have media certification, you can go directly into the Specialist in Education Instructional Technology program and complete the program WITH School Library Media certification added. We are very excited about offering this program in addition to our Add-on media certification, and M.Ed. and Ed.S. programs in both School Library Media and Instructional Technology. (You might also want to check out our Online Teaching Endorsement and/or certification.)


Phyllis R. Snipes,
University of West Georgia


About phyllissnipes

Associate Professor of School Library Media at the University of West Georgia. Worked for 30 years in K-12 schools as school library media specialist and media coordinator. I LOVE my work!!

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  1. I think this may be just what I’m looking for. I have been teaching for 7 years and have a masters in Elementary Education. Library/ media now interests me, but if I go back to school I would like an EDS so I could advance in pay. I live close to Auburn, AL., would this program work for someone that teaches in Alabama?

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