On This Day In History…

Do you use that meme on your morning broadcast or announcements or slide show or whatever it is you help prepare for your school?  I do and today is a good one.

150 years ago today shots were fired upon Ft. Sumpter beginning the Civil War.

95 years ago today Ramona creator Beverly Cleary was born.

50 years ago today the first human space flight took place.

But how do I know?  What resources are good for this kind of information?  Well, I knew about the wonderful Ms. Cleary’s birthday from a source I’m sure you all consult regularly.  The DOE’s Media Matters newsletter put together each and every month by the hardworking Judy Serritella.

I heard about the beginning of the Civil War this morning from Renee Montange on NPR at the top of the hour when they kick off the news and mention upcoming reports.  It is also the top story on today’s “This Day in History” on the History Channel’s website.

The History Channel site also mentions the first human space flight, but I saw it first this morning as a “Google Doodle” on my iGoogle home page which is often a cool way to introduce these kinds of history-item-of-the-day bits to students because of the fun graphics and plethora of links.

These and many other sites and sources can add some fun history and links for our students to explore every day.

Jim Randolph

Partee Elementay

Snellville, GA

Media Matters can be found on the GA DOE website.

NPR’s report on the Ft. Sumpter anniversary.

“This Day in History” on History.com

Google’s Youri Gagarin links


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