eBooks – Where are the Answers???

Rarely a day goes by when I am not asked a question about eBooks that I don’t have an answer for.  The goal of this post is to list the questions I hear most often in hopes of finding answers.  I find it hard to believe the supply is as far behind the demand as it seems.   The depth of selection at the various eBook vendor sites seems to indicate otherwise.  This list is in no certain order:

  1. How are teachers/schools to buy multiple copies of the same title in eBook format and make them accessible to students/teachers  on both personal and district-owned devices?
  2. Does Overdrive really have as little competition as it appears?
  3. Is DRM an appropriate model for K-12 eBooks?
  4. How are traditional media center book vendors adapting to the demand for eBooks?
  5. How close are textbook publishers to moving to the eBook format?

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I welcome any/all responses to the questions above.

Thank you for your time,

Gregory Odell

e-Learning Specialist

Hall County Schools

Gainesville, GA

Twitter:  ugaodawg


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