It’s always difficult trying to anticipate what books with be popular with your students.  Sometimes I think I have hit on a no-fail series, just to watch the books gather dust on the shelves.  It seems like lately nothing can compare with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series—all those books just fly off the shelves.  I think, though, I might have found some series that rival Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Recently I bought the entire Katie Woo series, and the students love them.  One of my second graders last week told me: “I am going to read every one of the Katie books.  I really like them.”  Music to a librarian’s hears!!!  Who doesn’t want to hear a second grader say her goal is to read the entire series?!??!?!

There are about 30 books in the Katie Woo series, written by Fran Manushkin and Tammie Lyon.  The AR level range is between 2.0-3.0.  Even though the plot of the books are universal, meaning the subject matter is appropriate for boys and girls, the girls will gravitate toward the books—I haven’t had one boy check out a Katie Woo book.  The main character is a girl, and some of the covers are purple or pink—not exactly colors elementary school boys want to tote around.  But that’s okay—I am thrilled the books are flying off the shelf and the girls are excited to read!  It’s also a great series for 4th and 5th graders who read below grade level— the series has chapters, the series is not a graphic novel, and when the older girls earn a good AR score they feel successful.

Bone is another series that brags good circulation statistics.  This is a graphic novel series by Jeff Smith that appeals to both girls and boys.  Initially I ordered just the first three books, and recently ordered the other volumes—there are about 10 books to date in this series.  Although younger readers who read above their grade level check out these books, it seems more popular with my 4th and 5th graders.

So does anyone have a series they could recommend?  What’s popular in your library?  Would love and appreciate any sage words!

Thanks so much-

Anja Tigges, Ed.S.

Scott  Elementary School Librarian

1752 Hollywood Road

Atlanta, GA 30318



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  1. A series that appeals to our middle school and high school students is Cirque du freak by Darren Shan; another one is the Bluford Series which has several authors including Anne Schraff, Paul Langan and others.

  2. Another great series I found this year is Conspiracy 365 by Gabrille Lord. I’m in middle school, so this would be read by your 4/5th grade students, but it really hooks them (mostly boys) once they start. It is similar to the TV show 24, but based on 12 months (hence 12 books) of mystery and intrigue as this teen tries to find out his past, who is trying to kill him and why! I told several students to check out 2 months at a time so when they finished the one book they could keep right on reading, she wrote great cliff hangers at the end of each month.

  3. At my elementary school:

    Franny K. Stein
    Katie Kazoo
    Geronimo Stillton
    Goosebumps (still!)
    the Lunch Lady books
    Capt. Underpants & Ricky Ricotta
    anything about world records
    Scooby Doo
    Spider Man
    Star Wars

    for older readers:
    39 Clues
    Among the Hidden/Shadow Children
    Percy Jackson
    Sister’s Grimm

  4. Dear Anja,
    You made this author’s day! I am so delighted to hear that your students like Katie Woo. If you’d like to email with me about them or have me send any particular student a message, I’d be more than happy to do so!
    All the best to you and your eager readers!

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