March 19 GLMA Legislative Update

We are down to the last 10 legislative days of the 2011 session, and they are going to be busy ones!  On Wednesday, lawmakers worked throughout the day and into the evening debating and passing many bills in time for the crucial 30th day deadline.  Monday marks the 31st day, and begins a week of work on education legislation in the Senate.

FY 2012 Budget – GALILEO Funds
Earlier this week we reported the Senate Appropriations Education Subcommittee was to meet to review the FY 2012 budget.  The meeting was rescheduled for Monday, March 21st at 11:00 a.m.  This means you have a few more days to advocate for the restoration of GALILEO funds!  Ask the Senators to accept the House position on restoration of GALILEO funds in the FY 12 budget.

Senate Appropriations Education Subcommittee Members

Sen. Bill Heath, Chair – EMAIL
Sen. Tommie Williams, Vice Chair – EMAIL
Sen. John Bulloch – EMAIL
Sen. Jack Murphy – EMAIL
Sen. Chip Rogers – EMAIL
Sen. Horacena Tate – EMAIL
Sen. Jack Hill, Senate Appropriations Chair – EMAIL
Sen. Fran Millar, Senate Education Committee Chair – EMAIL

HB 172 – Waiver Extension
Scheduled for Tuesday, March 22nd is a Senate Education & Youth Committee hearing on HB 172, legislation that would extend the expenditure control waivers through 2015.

Contact members of the Senate Education & Youth Committee to advocate against the extension of the waiver bill.   If you would like to attend the Senate hearing Tuesday afternoon, please let us know so we can arrange your participation.

Senate Education & Youth Committee Members

Sen. Fran Millar, Chair – EMAIL
Sen. William T. Ligon, Jr., Vice Chair – EMAIL
Sen. Jesse Stone, Secretary – EMAIL
Sen. John Albers – EMAIL
Sen. Vincent Fort – EMAIL
Sen. Donzella James – EMAIL
Sen. Freddie Powell Sims – EMAIL
Sen. Horacena Tate – EMAIL
Sen. Lindsey Tippins – EMAIL
Sen. Tommie Williams – EMAIL
Sen. Bill Jackson – EMAIL
Sen. Chip Rogers – EMAIL

Until next week, stay tuned…

Lass Joiner & Michelle Crider


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