Book Review – Savvy by Ingrid Law

Hello everyone! It’s book review time again! But first, let me tell you a story of how participating can make things better. I read this particular book, Savvy, back in 2009. I thought to myself, what a great middle-grades fiction book. It has action, adventure, a little love, a little sci-fi and NO curse words, inappropriate behavior, or other devilish things. So I got to thinking about the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, which I participate in every year at my school. I have heard moans and complains from time to time when a chosen Georgia Children’s Book Award nominated book was just “too” this or “too” that for their students or children and so it was purposely not read for competition preparations. Which brings me back to Savvy. I thought what a great no-complain Reading Bowl book this would be! So I pulled up the website and nominated this book. And you know what? It was chosen. Savvy was one of the Georgia Children’s Book Award nominated books for 2010-2011. And why am I telling you this story and not just reviewing the book, which is probably the real reason you are reading this post at this moment? Because it’s a lesson of – participation really does work! When you nominate a book – it very well could just be accepted. So I urge and encourage all you middle-grades Media Specialists to read, read, read middle-grades fiction and nominate, nominate, nominate when you find a gem. It will only make the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl and more fun and enjoyable experience for you and your students. And if you don’t nominate a book – – don’t come complaining to me — I told you so (yes, I am a mother to a toddler). But on a side note – Hunger Games is on the 2010-2011 list – yeah!!!

And now on to the book review. I loved this book!

Savvy is about a girl named Mississippi, nicknamed Mibs for short, who is awaiting her thirteenth birthday for a special gift. She is awaiting her savvy, a special power each person in the Beaumont family receives when they turn 13. Each family member never knows what the special power or savvy will be until the day of their 13th birthday. Mibs’ brothers have powers such as moving water and harnessing electricity. Her mother has the ability to make everything just perfect. Mibs’ excitement gets cut short when her father is involved in a terrible car accident and falls into a coma. He’s taken to a hospital hundreds of miles away from their home. The morning of Mibs’ 13th birthday she wakes up and believes her savvy is waking things up (her little sister wakes up, the dead turtle wakes up, etc.). So her mission becomes: making it to the hospital to wake up her dad from the coma. But how does a 13-year-old drive hundreds of miles away? Lucky for Mibs, the local preacher’s wife steps in to watch the Beaumont kids and insists on throwing Mibs a church birthday party. While at the church, Mibs spots a bible-delivery man leaving who she believes is heading the way of the hospital. She becomes a stow-away, but not before the preacher’s son and teenage daughter tag along, not to mention two of Mibs’ brothers. And thus begins a journey to save her father. The bible salesman who Mibs stows away with is such a great character and the adventures that hapen along the way keep you reading and engaged. And for the girls reading this? Mibs starts to realize that the preacher’s son may be more interested than just helping her save her dad.

It was a wonderful book. Easy to read, interesting to read, entertaining to read. I highly recommend this book to any students 4th grade and up.


Laura Losch

School Library Media Specialist, South Hall Middle School

Flowery Branch, GA

About Laura Losch

South Hall Middle School Media Specialist Avid Reader Runner Extraordinaire

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