Celebrate Women’s History Month!

Meet Clara Adams, a pioneer in early commercial aviation.  Known as the maiden of maiden flights,  she was always a paying customer.  She flew aboard the maiden flights of the Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg airships, Pan Am Clipper flying boats, and other early means of air travel.  She made her first flight in 1914 in Florida.

This photo shows Clara Adams in a celebration of the maiden flight of the Hawaii Clipper, 1936. To put this in perspective, she was crossing the Pacific as a passenger only nine years after Lindbergh flew the Atlantic. [Image courtesy of the archives of the government of Hawaii].

She became acquainted with many of the famous aviators of the day including Amelia Earhart.  Clara Adams is shown here with Earhart in 1929.

Follow this link to see Clara and some of her amazing first flights!

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  1. The New Georgia Encyclopedia is great for Ga. Women, as well as the site in the AJC today: http://www.georgiawomen.org which is Georgia Women’s Online Hall of Fame site.

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