Vote for Questions for Secretary Duncan

From Rocco Staino via aaslforum (I just voted and you do have to create an account at the site to vote:
You all may know about this program

The Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, has agreed to respond to your questions during the Feb. 26 National Youth Summit in DC. What do you want Secretary Duncan to address? You have five (5) votes to pick your favorites!

You can vote even if you don’t submit a question, and you can change your votes at any time until midnight on Feb. 18 by clicking Remove.

There are currently 2 questions about school libraries. One is the top 10 with only 50 votes. If both questions are top questions it will show Sec. Duncan that the entire country is concerned about school libraries.

You may not entirely agree with the wording of the questions but the point is to get school libraries into the discussion. If everyone on AASL Forum & lm_net votes we definitely will have these questions in the top 10. Here are the questions and voting link:

As PresidentObama once stated, “Literacy is the most basic currency of the knowledge economy” and “our prosperity as a nation is directly correlated to our literacy.”

Will you require that a certified librarian and a well stocked library be a part of every public school to ensure that all students can gather, evaluate, and use information (in digital & hard copy) appropriately and learn how to discern the tsunami of information out there?
Thanks for your consideration.
Susan Ackerman
Library Media Specialist
Fox Lane Middle School
Route 172/Fox Lane Campus
Bedford, New York 10506
Tel: 914.241.6140 Fax: 914.241.6083

Children need to read well to succeed in education and in life. To read well they need access to books in
their school libraries but there is little to zero funding to buy books for school libraries. Are you aware of the lack of books for our kids in elementary, middle and high school libraries and will you dedicate some funding to pay for books for school libraries?

Vote & pass it on!

Rocco Staino

Reposted by Judi Repman, Georgia Southern University


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