Tech Tool Value vs. Teacher Value

I really like this slide that I came across today on The Tempered Radical by Bill Ferriter:

Tech Tool Value vs. Teacher Value

The Tempered Radical by Bill Ferriter

You can read more of his post about this slide here.  I love the way the slide values teachers.  A good teacher’s value can never be equaled by any tech tool.


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  1. Yes, it’s about the students, never the tools. I heard a great quote the other day about Peter Sellars. It was said he didn’t like photography so much as he liked cameras. That what I see with some early-adopters. People who like the gadgets and look for ways to use them rather than people who adot certain tools to fit specific needs. Thanks.

    • Great analogy. I kind of get a kick out of asking teachers what technological tool can help them meet their instructional goals, because they are usually not used to thinking that way. You are right, they usually start with the latest “cool” tool and try to apply it across the board.

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