Or, as we’re affectionately calling it here in Atlanta: Hothlanta!

As I write this, I have been home with my family now for THREE DAYS, with no end in sight.  Good thing I like them!

Day One: Excitement and sledding with improvised objects at the park.

Day Two:  Clillaxing and making Snow Ice Cream.

Day Three: Deep cleaning and hoping we don’t resort to cannibalism by the end of the week…

The photo is my daughter mixing up some of that snow ice cream.

Here’s our recipe.  If you make a huge batch, no worries about freezer space.  Just cover and leave out on the back porch.  (It’s probably colder out there than your freezer at this point.)

Snow Ice Cream

1 cup milk

1/2 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

5 cups snow

And yes, we had it with big steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

For more advice on dealing with snow days, consult an expert.

Be safe, everyone!

Jim Randolph

Partee Elementary Library

Snellville, GA


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  1. GREAT idea for this snowy day. I remember making this when I was a kid (LONNGGG ago!) We used bananas often, too.

  2. We made snow cream the past two days with a very similar recipe. However, we used Soy Milk and the sweetness of the soy milk gave it an even yummier taste!

    • Mmmmm. When I was a kid we would try all kinds of flavorings. I remember being fond of fresh bananas or strawberries. Have fun!

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