Give Your Gift Through APPS

Having a hard time deciding what gifts to give to friends and family? As Christmas is almost here, I was reading up on a few apps (based on article by Shelly Terrell) that just might be a great alternative for standing in line at the department store…

  • StoryRobe – you can wow and amaze your friends with this digital storytelling app. Even though it does not have video, through your iPhone and iPod Touch you can set up A-V stories using photos and your built-in  microphone. Stories can then be uploaded to YouTube or emailed. Since creating the stories does not require Internet access, this is a great option for a gift to share with everyone in the family!
  • StoryKit – this is another story creating app where you develop a storyboard of drawn images, pictures, recorded audio, and sound effects. StoryKit allows you to drag and drop or resize pictures/images, then upload to the web server for a cool story that can be shared with others by sending your story link.
  • Fotobabble – create cards with this free app. This allows you to simply “snap” a photo, add an audio message, and then share through email, Facebook, or Twitter. Quick and easy to use!
  • Audio Boo – this app is really cool! It allows you to check out “who, when and where” about any audio message that has been posted at the audioboo site.  When you create your boo, you can even pull in photos and your location (through an interactive map). Import recordings you’ve made from other devices, add tags, or even embed the code on your website. You can set to autopost to Twitter, Facebook page, or other sites like Tumblr.  It is quite a social networking app, and best of all, it’s free!!
  • Comic Touch Lite – this app idea shared by Shelly is a really cute way to personalize your photos. Similar to Comic Life, it allows you to create a comic with bubble captions on your photos.
  • Santa Hat Sewing – by measuring your own physical dimensions, this app helps you design and create a pattern for a santa hat that is a perfect fit. Kids can see the design process from beginning to end, and can work with mathematical concepts in the process. Great activity for family fun!
  • Countdown to Christmas Holiday Puzzles for iPad – this app is described as having “rib-tickling picture puzzles” that are great fun for kids. Even though it is designed for the younger generation, it is also great entertainment for any age!

These are just a few apps that might come in handy as you are trying to personalize gifts and share with others who may not be close enough to visit this Christmas. I encourage you to check out Shelly Terrell’s article ( at Tech & Learning for some great, practical ideas about how to use these apps during the holidays – along with actual examples she’s put together of each app she mentions. These apps (except for the last two) are not just for this time of year, but are GREAT for use by students, teachers and parents during the school year. The only limit to use of them is a limited imagination!

Enjoy this season, and may 2011 bring you all many blessings!

Dr. Phyllis R. Snipes,
University of West Georgia

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