Free Webinar: Using Emerging Technology to Advance Your School Library Program

Explore the correlation between social media and 21st century learning, and consider the value of open access in your district. If you are advocating for change in your district, you will leave with a solid body of evidence to support your case.

We will focus on student needs and pedagogical initiatives like responsive teaching and differentiation, and how social media in your library program can favorably influence professional development in your school and district. You will see examples of library assessment in all forms of social media, and how student responses have informed library instruction and program delivery.

See how “social libraries” also raise community awareness about your program, and help increase your budget. We will see examples of how the use of social media improves collaboration with community and state libraries. Important studies and literature in the field of adolescent use of information and social media will be highlighted.

Be prepared for an information-packed and lively program that challenges participants to wrestle with the challenges schools face in “a future that is beyond our ability to visualize.”

The next webinar:
Communication, Collaboration & Cloud Computing
November 10th at 4pm Eastern Time

To attend, go to:

About Buffy J. Hamilton

I am a writing and Language Arts teacher who loves learning, literacy, stories, learning, dogs, poetry, fabulous shoes, and good lip gloss. I began my career as a high school English teacher in 1992 and then became a high school librarian and 2011 Library Journal Mover and Shaker before returning to the classroom in August 2016.

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  1. Dave, I think if you register as a user with EdWeb, there is a way to access the archive, but I will double check.

  2. How can I access the archive of the Nov. 10th webinar?

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