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Christie Kaaland kindly gave me permission to re-post her email to our blog. Folks, we have a slew of new legislators and it is imperative that we each do one thing towards securing our futures as school librarians. We know what we are worth and we know what we add to the educational menu – what have YOU done to make sure your teachers, administrators, and legislators know your value? Read Christie’s email and ACT4SL today!

School Library Advocates – Elections are over.

It is critical to our future legislative success that the school library community make an urgent and immediate connection/contact with newly elected legislators.   Whether or not you believe your newly elected officials have education –  particularly school libraries –  in their line of vision or not, does not matter.  They need to hear from you, their constituents, and they need to be informed concerning the importance of funding and supporting a strong school library program that will provide necessary  21st century information and research skills.  Their having been newly elected provides you with an opening –  a reason – to contact your new legislator(s).

Just as we have done with prior legislators —  whether continuing or conceding — we need to continue to educate legislators and other government elected officials a with regard to school libraries.  Many, of course, are still working from an outmoded stereotype of the school library.

On both the Ready, Set, Contact Card and the Act4SL website (  you will find many resources and links (“Strategies”). Both provide help in crafting your message.  Thank them for their future support for school libraries and equitable access to information for all children.

In Washington state we are hurriedly trying to get new legislators in for legislative visits before the January session begins. Strategically, in so doing, it sends them off to Washington with a picture of a school library fresh in their mind as they begin tackling the new budget.

Strategies for legislative visits are also on the website:

We would like to know of your successes and we are still tracking legislators who may be our strongest advocates. Please send stories, data/facts, and contacts to me or someone from Act4SL group.

Continuing the work,

Christie Kaaland, EdD
Antioch University Seattle
2326 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

Susan Grigsby, Summer Institute Program Chair
Teacher-Librarian, Fulton County, Elkins Pointe Middle


About susangrigsby

I am the District Media Specialist on Special Assignment with Forsyth County Schools, Georgia. In August, 2017 I will become the middle and high school librarian at the United World College of Southeast Asia (East Campus) in Singapore.

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