New Features in Britannica

There are a couple of new features in Encyclopædia Britannica School Edition that provide great learning activities for students.

Create TimelinesCreate Timelines
Britannica Elementary
Compton’s by Britannica
Encyclopædia Britannica High School

In addition to the Timelines feature that has been in Britannica for some time now, Britannica now allows students to create their own timelines in all levels of Encyclopædia Britannica School Edition. Students will need to create a workspace in order to save their timeline and come back and edit it. The feature allows students to add photos from Britannica, link to related content, and add information about an event and a citation in the description area.

Geography ExplorerGeography Explorer
Britannica Elementary

Need an activity to help students remember continents, oceans, major rivers and mountain ranges, and other features around the world? The new Geography Explorer interactive feature in Britannica Elementary that offers younger students a map of the world which they get to color in as they choose the correct geographic feature. Let them check it out and then see if they can beat their first time the second time around!

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