Holidays and Celebrations in GALILEO

New Year CelebrationLooking for resources to support Georgia Performance Standards related to holidays, celebrations, and festivals? GALILEO has several resources with articles and book chapters to help students learn about these.

For information on holidays and festivals from all over the planet, Book Collection: Nonfiction offers book chapters for all grade levels, and History Reference Center includes articles for grades 5-12. From feasts and fiestas in Mexico to the Chinese New Year and from the history of Thanksgiving to May Day, students can find book chapters about the customs of a wide range of cultures.

Encyclopædia Britannica School Edition includes great background information on festivals and holidays around the world with articles about the origin of holidays current holidays celebrated in the United States and other countries.

Kids Search (elementary) and Student Research Center (middle and high) provide articles from newspapers, magazines, and encyclopedias as well as primary source documents and multimedia related to many aspects of celebrations. Search for a particular holiday or search for holidays in Kids Search or holidays in Student Research Center to see the breadth of what’s included.

Finally, for a peek at how Georgians have celebrated holidays and other special days over the years, check out the Digital Library of Georgia.

Do you have a favorite resource you use to teach holidays and celebrations? Post a comment and let others know about it.

As always, if you have questions or comments, please Contact Us.

Courtney McGough
GALILEO Support Services
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

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Kids Search:
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Digital Library of Georgia:

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