Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers: New Peach Site Launch

and new online voting, too . . .

We’re excited to unveil a new Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers website at Please take a look and add this to any of your media center websites as a prominent link.  Share it with all your Peach-lovin’ friends around school, like that great often untapped resource: the Language Arts or English Department. And,  of course,  your teen book-geek super squad MUST know immediately.

This new site will allow us to make updates, changes, and additions almost immediately, rather than burdening our GLMA friends to order such revisions on our behalf.  BONUS:  this new site allows us to embed a Peach Book Award voting/rating survey, an innovation we were hoping to roll out for the 2010-2011 voting year. Yay! Voting goes live on Monday, October 4, 2010. The deadline for ALL votes: 3 PM on Friday, March 11th. Only Georgia teens qualify to vote.

With the voting now online, all you have to do is save a shortcut, favorite, or quick link to the survey page of our Peach website. Here are few ways the committee hopes you can use technology to get more votes from your teen students:

Scenario 1: You see a current Peach Nominee in a student’s hand as he or she is approaching the book return.  Once you confirm that the book isn’t just a prop and actually got read, just pull that student around to use a circulation desk computer and have a vote recorded for Book Boy or Girl in less than a minute. Encourage him or her to check out another one of the titles on the list to read and then to vote, whether at home or school.

Scenario 2: Your students in a certain grade level, class, or small group reads a Peach Nominee for their summer reading or for their Language Arts course. If that group comes in to check out new books, work on research, or use the computers, get them to  in the small or whole group to rate that title.

Scenario 3: You have one or more Language Arts teachers who is a Peach Nominee fan and is willing to promote reading them for outside or independent reading programs, maybe even with a little extra credit as the cherry on top. These teachers can use a classroom computer, their own teacher websites, and whole class use of computer labs to enable students who are reading Peaches to vote.

Okay, you may be asking yourself—if you talk to yourself as I do—what if I like my paper ballots and nifty ballot box and don’t want to force my students to vote online? We still have a way to make paper ballots work in the new system. It’s not all that different from how you used to handle each paper ballot. In prior years, you downloaded an Excel spreadsheet and then put in votes for each book’s rating, so you had a technology step for each paper ballot. Still just one technology step: Now, we are asking you to input any hard copy votes you collect into the online survey. Just open, click to indicate the student’s rating for a single title or multiples, and then click “submit.” We even give you  a choice of two kinds of paper ballots you can use on the Promotion section of the new website—the standard one book on each ballot you’re used to and a ballot/bookmark you can print out to help students find multiple nominees to read and rate, either on paper or using the website survey. Here’s a screenshot of how it should look:

Please encourage students to vote only once and only for books they have actually read—just as you would do with low-tech voting. Let’s not condone stuffing the ballot box. We want the winners to be the books our Georgia teens read and really liked the most. That’s not too much to ask, is it, even with technology at work in the process?

Last note: Come see our 11:00 AM Thursday, October 14th GA Peach Book Award for Teen Readers presentation at COMO—committee members will book talk this year’s nominees. We’ll also peek in on the new site and survey. Maybe you can go back and recommend them to students almost as well as if you had time to read them all yourself!

Suzanne Gordon

Media Specialist

Lanier High School

GA Peach Book Award Committee Chair


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