Being a Part of School Libraryland

Two things made me feel like an official part of school libraryland this month. I returned to my district’s yearly meeting for Media Specialists not as an intern, but as a full-fledged member. It was a great moment. I’ve gotten to know some fantastic librarians and it was wonderful to see them all in one room. They’re colleagues now, and greatly appreciated ones at that.

The second thing was more surprising. I found myself, along with our own Buffy Hamilton, on Doug Johnson’s original list of “Thought Leaders in School Libraryland.” He asked for more suggestions and I immediately added our own Mary Ann Fitzgerald. He’s set up a wiki so that everyone on the list can also have a link to their online work. Be sure to check it out and help build the list and links. I don’t feel deserving of the honor, but it will definitely push me to work up to his expectations!

This is what makes libraryland of ours so awesome. Blogs like this one that connect the great work we all do in the service of our work and our mission to ensure effective users of information.

Now to finish my yearly Media Plan…

Jim Randolph
Partee Elementary Library
Snellville, GA


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