New ProQuest Databases for K-12 Schools in GALILEO

Update: September 10, 2010: Effective September 16, 2010, public K-12 (DOE) will no longer have access to Research Library and ProQuest Newspapers. See this post for more information.

In honor of GALILEO’s 15th birthday (which is coming up on September 21st!), ProQuest upgraded the GALILEO database package for higher education and public libraries. What does this have to do with K-12 schools, you ask? Well, as part of this, ProQuest agreed to provide ProQuest Newspapers and Research Library to K-12 schools at no additional cost.

So, your students and teachers now have access to two great new resources.

Research Library ( is a multi-disciplinary academic research database which high school students, educators , and administrators may find helpful. Titles in this database include American Teacher, Childhood Education, English Education, Mathematics Teaching, Science Teacher, Teacher Librarian, Teaching PreK-8, and many more.

ProQuest Newspapers ( includes international, national, regional, and local news sources, which can give students a broad, global perspective of current issues and events. Some titles of note in this database are:

  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (1990-current)
  • Christian Science Monitor (1988-current)
  • Georgia Trend (1986-current)
  • The Guardian (1992-current)
  • Los Angeles Times (1985-current)
  • New York Times (1980-current)
  • New York Times Book Review (1997-current)
  • New York Times Magazine (1997-current)
  • Savannah Morning News (1999-current)
  • USA Today (1987-current)
  • Wall Street Journal (1984-current)
  • The Washington Post (1987-current)

We hope you will find these resources helpful in your schools. As always, if you have questions or comments, please Contact Us.

GALILEO Support Services
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia


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