Things I’ve Done In My Library (So Far)

(And remember, I’ve only been an elementary school librarian with students in there for three days now.)

Messed up the audio on the morning broadcast for three days straight.

Somehow still getting compliments on the morning broadcast.

Gotten shameless laughs during orientation lessons by telling kids not to let their dogs, cats or little siblings chew on or pee on their library books.

Read Big Plans! and Scaredy Squirrel not because they’re good library/orientation books but because they’re good beginning of the year books and they’re just plain fun to read out loud.

Found just the right book for just the right kid at least once a day.

Overheard my clerk and volunteer whispering excitedly to themselves about my cleaning out clutter.

Nicknamed my clerk “Miss Information.”

And generally had a swell time.

This librarian business is just plain awesome!

(Let’s see if I’m still as excited after my first book fair…next week!  Ahhh!)


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