Digital Storytelling

I just finished up participating in a three day digital storytelling workshop taught by an elementary school teacher and teacher librarian from Forsyth County, and boy am I excited! We spent the first day on nothing but the writing process and writer’s workshop, which set the tone for the most important part of digital storytelling – the story! The second and third days were spent learning how to gather images and sounds ethically and how to use technology tools such as Audacity, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Ulead VideoStudio. Finally we shared our masterpieces and celebrated our hard work.

The 21st Century Information Literacy skills that made their way into this workshop made me see why digital storytelling is so helpful for students to do versus traditional processes. From choosing their own topic to gathering and synthesizing information that will fit into a three to five minute movie, students are working at the highest levels of Bloom’s traditional and digital taxonomies as well as engaged by the fact that their published product will be seen by an audience much larger than that contained within the four walls of their classroom.

“Docudramas,” or digital stories based on research, also piqued my interest as I learned about how students produce products that add to the topic rather than just “smooshing” together information that is already “out there.”

I can’t wait to try digital storytelling with our teachers and students this year!

P.S. This video shown at the end of the workshop was also very inspiring!

Emily Hodge
Instructional Technology Support
University of Georgia Educational Technology Center


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  1. I just want a give a shout out to Bernajean Porter ( whose work the workshop was based. Bernajean has been leading Digital Storytelling workshops in Forsyth County Schools for several years.

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