Seeing Stars: A Participatory Idea

My wheels are always turning about how to get students involved in media center decisions, especially in terms of marketing the materials and resources we have.  I was intrigued by this month’s comic in School Library Journal, called Seeing Stars: How I ignored my inner librarian and got kids excited about books again!.

Basically, the comic suggests that students can draw a star on the inside cover of a library book that they feel other students should read.  Then, the starred books are displayed in a special section called “Student Starred Books”.  If other students feel the book deserves a star, they add their star alongside the other stars.  This is such a simple concept and easy to do.  So now my question is: Do I let go of my inner librarian and let students write in the books or do I buy a bunch of shiny, foil stars for them to peel and stick on the inside cover?  We’ll see.

What ways do you get students involved in reviewing, marketing, or making decisions in your library?

Andy Plemmons
School Librarian
David C. Barrow Elementary
Athens, GA


About plemmonsa

School librarian, connected educator,Google Certified Teacher, NSBA 20 to Watch, speaker. Expecting the miraculous every day!

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