Techie Tip

If you are a SMART or Promethean user, then this techie tip is for you. One of the beautiful attributes of the interactive whiteboard technology is that all of your hard work (notes, annotations, etc.) is saved and can be used again without redoing. Now it is easier than ever for both SMART and Promethean users to save notes and annotations drawn over any application.
Use the transparent background feature of SMART Notebook or Activinspire to make annotations that you can save and go back to when the need arises. I recently saw this transparent feature used by a math teacher to annotate over his graphing calculator software. He was able to draw notes, functions, graphs, geometric figures, and more on top of the software, which made it that much more dynamic. When he was ready for a clean slate, he simply clicked the next page icon to get a new transparent page, all the while being able to click the previous page icon to go back and reference earlier annotations as needed. This proved to be a much more efficient and effective way to annotate.
Imagine the possibilities of this feature in the media center. When teaching lessons, the media specialist, or students, can personalize applications by adding relevant notes and annotations. These additions can be saved and used again from class to class, and year to year. What else can you envision? What interactive whiteboard tips can you share?

Emily Hodge
Instructional Technology Specialist
University of Georgia Educational Technology Center


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