Dropbox: No More Hassle Updating Files On Multiple Computers!

(Advocacy note: On Wednesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to examine the applications for the Georgia Exemplary Media Center awards. I was, yet again, amazed at the outstanding programs that are in place throughout Georgia. I would like to encourage media specialists across the state to submit an application for this award next year. With such excellent leadership and powerful activities taking place in our centers, everyone from teachers to administrators to public officials can clearly see the strong impact good programs have on student achievement through these applications and awards. I urge you to make application, and share all your great work with the world!)

Dropbox (https://dropbox.com): While networking with the all of the good media folks at the DOE reading session Wednesday, I learned of a really cool tool that can clearly make your life more organized. It is called Dropbox, and it is a way to share all of your files from computer to computer so that any change you make to a file is automatically updated on all of your computers. Basically, you can access all of your files from any computer without having to make changes to the file from one computer to another. Updates and changes occur at the dropbox, so no constant need for flash drives or emailing documents to yourself so you can access the latest version of a file. With the dropbox downloaded on your computers (or iPad or iPhone), you need not worry about making changes to a file you are creating – it is done automatically for all of your computers. You can also begin to work on a file, leave that file to go to your other computer, then pick back up exactly where you left off through the dropbox.

The good news is that this application is free, providing 2GB of storage (and deleted files and revisions don’t take space). Much more space is available for a fee. And this is a secure storage area where files are encrypted with AES-256 before being stored. If you wish to share files or photos, this is easily done as you simply send a link to the file to whomever you wish to receive the data. This is a simple easy-to-use tool that truly does help to organize files and keep them current on every computer you have, simultaneously! Highly recommended!!

Phyllis R. Snipes,
University of West Georgia


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