A Place of Flux, A Place for Wonder

I received a thick black and red mailing tube in the mail yesterday.  It was my diploma from UGAs School Library Program from which I just got my Specialist’s Degree.  So: degree, check.  Job, check.

But whoa, am I in a state of flux.  The principal who hired me is moving on and I have yet to meet the new one.  Luckily, the former librarian is absurdly generous and spent a few days with me last week on her own time, showing me around things like the local tech, the broadcast room, and various projects.  She’s doing an excellent job of clearing the decks and I couldn’t appreciate her more.

Since the library is part of the specials rotation (two classes per day) I’ll have to start thinking of lesson planning.  Feel free to toss me any recommendations (and I’ll be sure to share them with my fellow newbie librarians)!

Right now I’m reading Georgia Heard’s new book, A Place for Wonder which is supposed to be more for K-1 nonfiction writing but the whole theme of generating student questions and wonder go totally along with the inquiry-based approach I would like to take.  I’m nearly finished with it and I would recommend it for elementary teachers and librarians, yet the ideas of teaching to the student’s own questions really fit any level you work with.  Worth a look.

Enjoy the summer!

Jim Randolph
School Librarian
Partee Elementary
Snellville, GA

UGAs School Library Program

Preview A Place for Wonder online at Stenhouse.


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