Nuts About Sqworl and Two Book Recommendations

Back in March I blogged about Live Binders, which allows you to create tabbed lists of web sites on the fly. This month I’d like to offer a very engaging alternative to Live Binders, sqworl (which is pronounced squirrel). Once you sign up for your free sqworl account you can set up groups, add an “add to sqworl” button to your tool bar and then start to build your resource groups. Sqworl allows you to add a short title/annotation under each of the web sites you put into your group (collection) and it captures the home page view of the site you’ve sqworled. Unlike Live Binders, where the selected site opens up when you click on the tab, you do have to click on the site to open it in sqworl. It took me about 10 minutes to make my first sqworl group on the topic of 21st century literacy.

And now for two great new professional book titles:

The first is Linchpin by Seth Godin. While this wasn’t written directly to media specialists, if you’re struggling with strategies to use to show what you contribute to student learning at your school you’ll find many ideas here that can be adapted to education. While this is a deceptively easy book to read (lots of really short sections/chapters) there’s plenty to think about within.

The second is a Web 2.0 title. Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World by Pam Berger and Sally Trexler. I think you’ll really appreciate the focus on inquiry learning and the excellent, specific examples of how a media specialist can use Web 2.0 tools to help students who are engaged in inquiry learning.


Judi Repman

Georgia Southern University


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