End of the year idea

We’ve all heard the praises of Animoto, but I hadn’t had a chance to really play with it until recently. I decided to create a highlight reel for what’s been happening in our media center this year so I could really get a feel for its pros and cons; additionally, I produced something that showed off what we’ve been doing! Rather than a standard report, this one (I hope) is entertaining and informative.

Here’s this newbie’s take on the pros/cons:

Pros: Looks AWESOME, very easy, quick, easy to share and download, free accounts for teachers and their students.

Cons: Music has to be the right length or pictures get cut out, can’t add more than one song, very limited text space, took a week or so to get the educator code to set up my account.

Here’s a link to our highlight video if you are interested.

Have a good weekend!

~Holly Frilot, Library Media Specialist

Collins Hill High School


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  1. Susan Foster

    Awesome! I love it. You have inspired me to try it out! This is a great tool to promote the Media Program. Involving the students gives them ownership as well.

  2. Love it! Amazing work, thanks.

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