Book Covers Go Web 2.0

The Book Cover Archive via kwout

The Book Cover Archive is not your typical Web 2.0 site, and I can’t say that it’s amazingly utilitarian, but it’s a site that will appeal to every true librarian and book lover.

It is, to its eternal credit, exactly what it purports to be, and in a world of bizarrely-named sites that leave everything to the imagination, perhaps that in itself is some small comfort. With its stated purpose as an archive of book covers “for the purpose of appreciation and categorization of excellence in book cover design,” the Archive enables its visitors to browse covers by designer, book title, author, art director, photographer, illustrator, publication date, genre, typeface, and publisher.

As you browse through the gorgeous covers, you can click on a favorite to see a larger view and acquire the book’s essential details, including a link for purchase on Amazon. One can also randomize the view to see an entirely different arrangement of the covers. In keeping with the website’s spirit of fun, when this option is selected, even the spelling of the word “randomize” is “randomized.”

Currently, the site includes 1276 different covers, each interesting in its own unique way. The Archive offers links to the portfolio sites of book cover designers and suggests books on book cover design. Additionally, there are links to websites about book cover design.

The site’s designers welcome suggestions for future enhancements, charmingly noting those improvements which are still in the works and those which have already been incorporated into their current design.  The Book Cover Archive has a companion site, The Book Cover Archive Blog; its latest post allows one to vote on the cover of Glenn Beck’s latest book.

I adore The Book Cover Archive and commend its creators for their appreciation of literature, their amazing eye for design, and their brilliant wit. And you will love this site as well. Even if it isn’t Super Techy.

Ruth Fleet, Ed. S.

National Board Certified Library Media Teacher

Dean Rusk Middle School

Canton, GA

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  1. Kathi Vanderbilt

    I collaboratively planned and taught a class about book covers and used the resource you mentioned. I also created a LiveBinder collection of links. Take a look –

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