Overheard at the library

CHHS Library Happenings:

Scene 1:

Me: Uh-oh. City of Bones is pulling ahead of Hunger Games in our March Madness Book Bracket.

Student: NOOOOOOOOO!  (Busily seeks friends to vote.)

Scene 2:

Student: I need a book I can read by Monday. And prom’s Saturday.

Me: Ok. Short. Got it.

Student: Teacher says it has to be more than 150 pages.

Me: Ok. Like sports?

Student: No.

Me: Ok. What do you like?

Student: Chaos.

Me. Ok. Hmmmm…. Have you read Fight Club?

Student: That was a book?

Me: Yes.

Student: And we have it here?

Me: Yes. Unfortunately it’s checked out right now. But I do have another book of his…

Student: Cool. I’ll take it. Thanks library lady.

Me: Good. Come back when you’re finished and we’ll find another. I’m Mrs. Frilot by the way.  (Resisted urge to tell him to be careful at prom.)

Scene 3: (In hallway near “Have You Read This? flyer near boys’ locker room)

Student 1: Yo, check this out – this book looks good!

Student 2: Dude, I’m gonna go get this one.

(Reported by a math teacher hanging out nearby. Very grateful to him for passing it along!)

Scene 4: (Teaching a class in the media center.)

Me: Photostory 3 is a cool, easy way to tell a story. It’s kind of Powerpoint meets a photo screensaver.

Students: (A librarian knows nothing about cool.)

Me: Here’s an example.

Students: (Grunts of interest and mild surprise.)

Me: (Illustrating first few steps.)

Students: (Interest building.) Huh. Pretty cool.

Me: (Yes! I’ve got ‘em. Finish illustrating. Talk about music. Show final product.)

One student: (Actually jumps up.) This is so awesome! I know what I’m going to do!

Me: (Suppressing chuckle.) A Photostory fan! Let’s get on the computers.

I cherish the day-to-day life that goes on in the media center. It is a fun, surprising, challenging place to be. There are days when I get down about the future of libraries and all that might be wasted. There are days when I get frustrated with discipline issues and old equipment. But there are days when I get to teach. There are days when I get to brainstorm with teachers or students. And there are days I help good kids learn new things. There’s just not much better than that.

Holly Frilot

Library Media Specialist, Collins Hill High School




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