Let EasyBib Put You On Easy Street

In my school district we are very fortunate to have access to the fabulous resource NoodleTools for assisting our students in citing their sources. Sadly, not all schools are able to afford this valuable tool, and with budget cuts affecting everyone these days, who knows what we might lose next?

If NoodleTools is not available to you, then you simply must try EasyBib. EasyBib is so simple to use that you might want to try it for your upper elementary and lower level middle school students even if you have access to another product.

For most books, all you have to do is type in the ISBN number, and EasyBib autofills the remaining information. For websites, just copy and paste your URL and most data is autocompleted as well. Usually my students have found that they only need to enter the name of the author (if one is available) and the publication date. Database submissions require a bit more work, but they are still simple.

Once all sources are cited, students simply export to Word, open the document, and–voila!–a perfect Works Cited page in MLA7 format. EasyBib provides MLA 7 citations for free, but ALA or Chicago/Turabian citations are available only by paid subscription. You can even add a handy EasyBib widget to your media center website, pathfinders, or blog to save your students time.

Ruth Fleet, Ed.S., NBCT
Library Media Specialist
Dean Rusk Middle School


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  1. After my post about EasyBib, I received a wonderful email from one of EasyBib’s founders, Neal Taparia. He informed me that EasyBib has several new features coming in the near future, including a notes feature similar to that found in NoodleTools. He also asked for other recommendations for improving their product. Please let me know if you have suggestions–they are dedicated to improving an already great tool.

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