School Libraries Count!

AASL’s National Longitudinal Survey of
School Library Programs

AASL is sponsoring a longitudinal survey that will provide data on the health of the nation’s school library programs. The annual survey is open to library centers at all schools teaching at the primary and secondary levels. The first survey was conducted in 2007, with annual results posted each year. Most of the questions are tracking questions, though each year the survey includes a short series of topical questions. In 2010 the topical questions are focused on digital content and resources in school library programs.

Click here to take part in AASL’s 2010 School Libraries Count! Survey

School Libraries Count Tip Sheet – AASL’s longitudinal survey is a fairly short annual survey looking to collect vital statistics over time to watch for trends in school library programs across the country.  To help increase your survey efficiency this document outlines the areas of information needed for you to gather prior to beginning the survey.


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  1. It wasn’t too time consuming. Took me about 12 minutes. It’s better to be in your library or near the facts that you will report. One question about the age of a particular Dewey section of your collection. Questions about the time you spend instructing/teaching.

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