Library Media Program Recognition

If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of the webinars presented at the TL Virtual Café, , I highly recommend them. I was able to attend the one March 1 on School Library Web Presence with about 160 others. The next one, What It Means to be a Change Agent in Educational Technology, will be April 5 at 8:00 PM. The previous sessions are archived.

The webinar on web presence provoked my thinking about not just my school library’s presence online, but how others perceive it overall as a total school library program. One of the best measurements for Georgia school libraries is the Library Media Program Rubric available at the Exemplary Library Media Recognition Program. Even if you are not applying for the award, the comprehensive rubric is a good evaluation tool to use to see how your program measures against the best in the state. Most administrators are proud when a program in their school is recognized, so take this rubric to your next meeting and discuss how you want to build an exemplary library media program.

Recognition of your program is a great way to create a positive buzz and can open doors to other opportunities for the expansion of your school library media program. GLMA sponsors the Mable Wyche Underwood Grant doc | pdf. The application deadline is May 15, 2010. Information can be found at or . The Georgia Library Media Specialist of the Year is another recognition program, sponsored by GLMA and GAIT, which can lead to other opportunities.  System applications are due by April 1, 2010.

A national award you may want to consider is the ISTE SIG Media Specialist Technology Innovation Award. Begin gathering information on the qualifications to apply next year if you don’t feel you are ready yet. For information about the award and to apply click here: SIGMS Award. Nominations close on March 31, 2010. My program was awarded this recognition in 2008 and it opened up many opportunities for us not only in the school with collaboration with other teachers but in the community as well with some technology grants.

Remember that how you are perceived by students, teachers and administrators can be enhanced by taking part in these recognition programs. Using these rubrics and applications to improve your program can be helpful in these unstable times.  Improving some aspect of your library media program each year should be one of your main objectives.

Cawood Cornelius

Sonoraville High School

Calhoun, GA

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