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I have posted from time to time on assorted  shows hosted by the amazing Steve Hargadon at The Future of Learning, but if you have not sampled this free, easy to use, and thought-provoking learning tool, there is no time like the present to see why these sessions regularly boast 100-200 participants per session for anytime, anywhere learning!

Just last Thursday, I sat in on an incredible session with Clay Shirky who discussed, among other topics, the concept of a participation gap in today’s society with social media and social networking.    This idea obviously has implications for our practice as school librarians.  This experience I had is just a sampling of the learning and “idea sparking” that I get regularly from these free sessions.  If you can’t make a live session, you can always go and watch the archived session of your choice!

In looking at the upcoming menu of guest speakers for the next 6 weeks, I don’t know of any other FREE place or medium you can listen to and interact with world-class and internationally respected speakers/authors who are so well-known for their innovative thinking.   I’d also encourage you to browse the archived sessions  as well–the lineup and discussions from 2010 and late fall 2009 have been quite remarkable!

Classroom 2.0 LIVE! – Home via kwout

Classroom 2.0 LIVE! is another series I also recommend—this is a  weekly webinar held on Saturdays, and like The Future of Learning series, you can attend for free either live or access the recorded archives.  Hosted by the delightful and always helpful Kim Caise, Lorna Costantini, Peggy George, these shows appeal to a diverse mix of educators, including school librarians!  Like Future of Education, the sessions boast a large and global audience.   I have attended several sessions from Classroom 2.0 LIVE and highly recommend this as a fun and free learning tool.

If you attend any of these sessions (live or the archived edition) and would like to write a guest blog post about the session, please feel free to contact me at buffy.hamilton at

Buffy Hamilton, Ed.S.
School Librarian
Creekview High School


About Buffy J. Hamilton

I am a writing and Language Arts teacher who loves learning, literacy, stories, learning, dogs, poetry, fabulous shoes, and good lip gloss. I began my career as a high school English teacher in 1992 and then became a high school librarian and 2011 Library Journal Mover and Shaker before returning to the classroom in August 2016.

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  1. Thanks for your interesting stuff about ONLINE education for schoollibrarians and teachers.
    I wonder if the time soon is due for collecting all relevant offers for ONLINE events interesting for SL.

    Perhaps we could set up a place – a NING or other to inform about interesting events free ONLINE – from places like the 2 you mention and from others on the net. Its important that we have a good selection tuning the events for the SLs

    Its hard work to find these ressources around the World – and someone have to do this providing a better information before the events.

    Do any of you have any ideas how we could work together in this matter?


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