There’s Nothing Normal About Xtranormal!

I’m always anxious to find great new Web 2.0 tools that enable my students to display their learning in new and different ways that engage them in the learning process more than traditional research papers. My latest fun tool is Xtranormal.

Xtranormal is nothing like normal. It’s a supercool way to create quick and easy animations. Sure the voices are computer-generated, but you can make your characters say anything you want superfast, supereasy! Just set up a free account at Xtranormal, select a cast, decide how many characters your movie will need–one or two–and get started writing your movie.

There are nine basic scenes, and you can change camera angles within each character’s script. All you do to start a new character’s conversation is click on the plus sign.

You can drag all sorts of cool stuff into each character’s script. Try animations, looks, expressions, points, pauses, and sound effects. There are even different camera angles to keep your animation from being so boring. No one wants to keep looking at the same scene throughout the entire movie! Whenever you drag something into the script, you can try it out on your character inside the script bubble to see what it looks like.

Once you’re finished, you just click on the action button and your animation starts rendering and all that cool movie talk. Give it a few seconds, and then your movie will be ready to preview. Not satisfied? No problem! Editing is a breeze. Then you just save again.

When you’re finally thrilled with your results, you can share your video with the world! But, please, WordPress, get into the twenty-first century so we can embed Flash videos in our blogs!

Ruth Fleet, Ed. S., NBCT

Library Media Specialist

Dean Rusk Middle School


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  1. Hi Ruth, I am also a great fan of Xtranormal and have produced a series of movies which are located on the UK Open uni Educational Network Cloudworks site Bob and Sue are two adult learners returning to Higher Education where they discuss their experience and frustrations.

  2. Dear Ms Fleet,

    It is great to know other people are fans of this great tool. I totally agree with you regarding xtranormal practical features, I even used this video-making tool with my students at university level. I was wondering if you know about any research project that took advantage of this great tool for academic purposes. Cheers;

    Edgar Garzon
    English Professor
    La Sabana University Colombia

    • Our students are on a middle school level, but they have recently researched civil war topics, the Dalits of India, and evolution, then they presented the results of their research using Xtranormal. They use the “actors” to relay their learning to their viewers.

  3. If you are interested in learning more about Xtranormal (or Go Animate), I would also add that you check Gwyneth Jones’ pages at and She has presented on these tools at AASL as well as ISTE-SIGMS; you can watch the archive of her ISTE-SIGMS session on these tools at and see Gwyneth’s slidedeck on This is a terrific and free set of resources for any librarian!

    Buffy Hamilton

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