High school media specialists: Play Peach Picks, but only through March 12, 2010!

Sounds like the lottery. Fun, even though you can’t win any money—but hey, it doesn’t cost you any either. The Peach Books, with a bright ballot box, might make a nice display, especially during the second half of this month, once you take down anything you had to tempt those feeling either romantic or bitter about Valentine’s Day.

 You’ve got four more school weeks to promote the Peach Book award nominees, collect student votes / ratings of the books they chose to read, and submit those to the committee for high tech. tabulation—okay, well, a calculator anyway!

Speaking of that tabulation, if you have any thoughts about the rating/voting system, please blog them here. One concern that we on the committee have had in recent years is that books that are read and rated more frequently may actually steal the win from a book that had fewer readers but that might receive consistently higher votes. If you haven’t seen a ballot lately, here’s the way it has worked:


For example if a book receives 300 votes that are 2’s and 3’s (okay and great), the score for that book would be somewhere between 600 and 900, but a book that receives 200 votes that are almost all 4’s (fantastic) would max out at 800. Is that discrepancy a problem to discuss? On the other hand, doesn’t a teen’s choice to read a certain title from among the nominees constitute a sort of vote of interest to begin with? Do we need to revisit the voting/rating system for the Peach Award? Please share your thoughts here, or email me.

 Visit the GLMA Peach Book Award page for this year’s tally sheet, ballot forms, and more information:


Suzanne Gordon

Peachtree Ridge High School (Gwinnett)

Peach Book Award for Teen Readers



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