Legislative Alert: HB 908 – The House Education Committee Hearing in Review

HB 908 – The House Education Committee Hearing in Review

Yesterday we spoke to a majority of the House Education Committee members and asked them to consider removing media center expenditure controls from HB 908, and, at the very least, consider shortening the duration of the legislation.  While most of the committee members were sympathetic to GLMA’s concerns, supporters of the legislation repeated that the measure would be “temporary” in order to get us through these dismal economic times.

When presenting the bill, Rep. David Casas (R-Lilburn) stated that he would not be amenable to any amendments to the bill, but later relaxed his stance when Rep. Amy Carter (D-Valdosta), Rep. Margaret Kaiser (D-Atlanta), and Rep. Kathy Ashe (D-Atlanta) offered an amendment to change the effective dates in the bill from 2010-2013 (three years) to 2010-2012 (two years).

Between GLMA member communications going into the Capitol, talking with the committee members prior to the hearing, and GLMA lobbyist testimony on your behalf during the hearing, you gained a lot of support.  However, the amendment lost in a vote of 12 to 10.  The bill then passed the committee 15 to 6.

To review the version of HB 908 that passed the committee yesterday,CLICK HERE.

Next Stop for HB 908

The bill now goes to the House floor for a vote.  If it passes the House, HB 908 will then go to the Senate Education Committee for a hearing.

What’s Next?

1.  Send thanks to GLMA friends, specifically:  Rep. Amy Carter,Rep. Margaret KaiserRep. Kathy AsheRep. Darryl JordanRep. Alisha MorganRep. Bobby ReeseRep. Brian ThomasRep. “Coach” Williams.

2.  Contact your House Representative and explain to them why they should vote “no” on HB 908 when it goes to the House floor for a vote.

3.  Begin talking to the Senate Education Committee members about HB 908.  Talking points can include removing the media center expenditure control from the legislation, shortening the duration of the legislation, and including a measure of system accountability if the expenditure control remains in the legislation.  You can find the list of Senate Education Committee members HERE.

Any questions?  Contact us!

HB 908 still has a long way to go before it becomes law, but don’t wait until it’s too late in the process to let your voice be heard!

Stay tuned…

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