Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Technically his birthday isn’t until March 2, but now’s the time to start planning, right? And high school media folks – don’t tune out. Thanks to the inspiring media specialists over at Sprayberry High School, we’ve decided to have our own Read Across America day at CHHS where high school students go to the elementary school across the street to read aloud to them. (Many thanks to Amy Bross at Walnut Grove Elementary for helping coordinate and being willing to host a bunch of high school students!) We’re meeting with the students after school a few times to pick out books, practice reading,  make bookmarks to give to the kids (and, of course, to make sure they have the best of intentions and aren’t just trying to get out of school:).

It’s been a huge hit! We had 70 kids sign up within a couple of days, and now we’re well into a sign up list of alternates. The students get volunteer hours for it (coordinated by our wonderful volunteer center) and many have expressed how excited they are about this project. Teachers are getting involved too, and we’ve added several of our special education classes to the list of classes that will host our readers.

I’m hoping this event turns out to be a wonderful thing, with many thanks to the Sprayberry media specialists for helping me get this program off the ground. They were kind enough to post their handouts and resources online. The link is http://cobblearning.net/shsmediacenter/teacher-resources/ and I don’t think they’d mind that I shared it with you. (If so, ladies, let me know!)

If you have any resources to share, or want to tell about the success of your Read Across America program, please post a comment. We’d love to hear about it!

Here’s to a great Read Across America day on March 2nd!

Holly Frilot, Collins Hill High School



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  1. I am so happy to have been able to help you. I know that our students love the opportunity to share their love of reading with elementary students. Many of them even remember when they were in elementary school and were visited by the cats. Please keep us updated on how it all turns out! Have fun!

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